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Teaching and tutoring


Are you looking for a professional to lead a workshop or run a course? Or do you need a tutor?

Vicky is a qualified teacher (QTS) with an MA Effective Learning and an MA Creative Writing. Since 2002, she has taught and tutored at all levels from school KS3 to post-graduate. Subjects include:


Vicky’s teaching style is friendly, empowering and encouraging.

She’s been leading creative writing workshops at libraries, festivals and bookshops since 2012, and runs the Harbour Books writing group in Whitstable.



Here are some of the workshops and courses that Vicky has run:

Story Structure
Narrative Techniques
Dialogue is a Writer’s Friend
Turning Ideas into Plots
How to Keep Reader Interest
Creating Compelling Characters

These are run as interactive sessions and can be 60 mins, 90 mins, two hours or half a day. Content and practical elements can be tailored to suit experience.

Please contact Vicky for fees.

Applying psychology to writing


Vicky also uses her psychology background to offer workshops on the ways that psychology can help and hinder writing. These draw on cutting edge research in psychology and are useful for writers of all stages. They include:

The Psychology of Writing

  • In this course, Vicky applies psychological principles to key aspects of writing in order to understand what helps and hinders, e.g. how to define achievable success criteria; how to use routines and biorhythms to enhance productivity and enjoyment; how to deal with fear and comparisonitis.

  • The content can be delivered as an interactive workshop or as a lecture, to suit the setting. It can be taught as one 90 min session or broken down into 2-3 sessions for greater depth and reflection.

Please contact Vicky for fees.



How to Make the Most of Your Dissertation

  • Having successfully completed two undergraduate dissertations and two post-graduate ones, Vicky understands the challenges.

  • The book she began for her MA Creative Writing dissertation became her debut novel, Turn a Blind Eye.

  • This course is suitable for undergraduate and post-graduate students. Vicky applies up-to-date psychological principles to the key aspects of dissertation writing. Eg. how to get strategic; understanding the opportunity that the dissertation offers; how to build a beneficial relationship with your supervisor.

  • It can be delivered as an interactive workshop or as a lecture, to suit the setting. It is taught as one 90 min session.

Please contact Vicky for fees.